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Holy Grail Moonstone Direct Air Capture 2026

$472.50 / Per Ton
1000000000 g credits availableUnited States

A marketplace, standard and registry focused primarily on biochar and building projects.

Creates local job opportunities
Promotes gender equality
Female or minority-led supplier
Pioneers new technology
Creates local educational opportunities
Uses artificial intelligence

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1000000000 in stock

Capturing and permanently storing CO₂ using modular scrubbers to generate a durable material stored above ground.
Situated in Fremont, California, and powered by renewable electricity, this project is Holy Grail’s pilot facility, which will capture and permanently store 1000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The carbon capture and storage process is made up of three steps:The reactant is produced from an abundant natural feedstock.The ambient air containing CO2 is actively put into contact with the reactant, forming a solid.The solid is separated and stored.This modularity enables automated manufacturing and rapid deployment, which eliminates custom engineering and reduces deployment risk. Additionally, optimization can be quickly tested and implemented, which allows for the cost to steeply decrease with time.
As Holy Grail’s storage solution is in a solid, above-ground form, it makes monitoring, reporting, and verification simple, with reduced reliance on complex and costly modeling. This gives customers a high degree of certainty in the durability of Holy Grail’s carbon removal solution. Additionally, Holy Grail reduces permitting risk, as the storage solution requires construction permits, which are quick and simple to obtain.
Holy Grail’s initial project scope with Puro is to deliver 2000 tonnes of CO2 from the pilot deployment in 2025 and 2026, and a further 100,000 tonnes of CO2 from the industrial deployment in 2027. Beyond this, Holy Grail intends to reach the megaton removal scale by 2029.
For the pilot plant, the renewable electricity will come from a solar roof on the facility, which will generate 30% of the required energy, with the remaining 70% coming from renewables procured by East Bay Community Energy. Beyond this scale, Holy Grail will install solar deployments of appropriate size to power the entire process and will be independent of the grid. 
Project partner : Holy Grail, Inc.


A marketplace, standard and registry focused primarily on biochar and building projects.